This NYE I was sitting with my feet in the sand, fishing rod in one hand and a “Yamba Mule” (similar to a Moscow Mule) in the other – thinking that my 2018 should include more of these camping trips!  New Year’s Resolutions make me feel a bit guilty.  I’m excited to make them but completely forget about them by Australia Day.

Whilst it’s tempting to drive off into the sunset without a set destination, most great holidays involve some planning.  Businesses are the same.  To get your business to achieve what’s best for you, to need to have some ‘set destinations’, timeframes and strategies to get you there.

Now that the kids are back at school (Congrats parents, we made it!!), it is the perfect time to think about what you want your business to look like by December 2018.  Since most business owners sleep, eat & breathe their businesses, let’s throw in some personal goals for balance.

I want to keep it achievable so let’s only do 3 and include the “How”.  I’ll go first……

Business Goals

1. Provide clear proactive feedback to Small Business Owners


  1. Develop a 1-2 pg quarterly results report available to BAS clients & online software clients.
  2. Must be clear & concise for practical use.

WHEN: By 31 Jan 18


2. Grow my business clients.


  1. Set specific services for business clients;
  2. Develop marketing plan for services;
  3. Update website to attract Small Business Owners.

WHEN: By 30 April 18


3. Even out Cashflow


  1. Consider Fixed Price Agreements with 12 month payment plan for Small Business Owners.

WHEN: By June 18

Personal Goals

1. Teach my youngest to ride a bike


  1. Take advantage of flat, car-free space at camping area.
  2. Possibly bribe with lollies.

WHEN:  During January 18 Yamba Trip


2. Visit somewhere new


  1. Talk to Valerie @ Travel Managers about possible destinations.

WHEN: By June 18


3. Schedule Family Weekends


  1. No more losing weekends to chores.
  2. Cross off 1 weekend/month for a family activity.
  3. Must be screen-free ie beach, bikes, bushwalking.
  4. Kids to decide on activity.

WHEN:  By 31 Jan 18


Best part is I’ve already achieved my 1st Personal Goal – my youngest can now ride a bike!  And yes, I did have to bribe him to get back on the bike after his first ball…..with an ice-block.


So, after the kids have gone to bed tonight, sit down with a pen & paper and do YOUR goals for 2018.  With the right planning and strategies, achieving them may be easier than you think.


If you want me to make you accountable, EMAIL them to me!!  I’ll remind you throughout the year and give you guidance on your business goals too.

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