Business Strategies & Tax Minimisation

Tax Saving Strategies

Nobody wants to pay tax, but tax minimisation doesn’t happen by accident.

This is a vital service to your business and will be able to offer you detailed tax savings.

We will contact you in April to offer you our tax planning services. We will require access to your trading information to date and discuss the current and future options with you.

As part of our Tax Planning service, you will receive a Planning Report & detailed Action List for you to implement prior to 30 June that clearly outlines the strategy, the timeframe and the resulting tax savings!

Budgeting & Cashflow Forecasts


Every business needs a budget.

It helps you keep your business on track, plans for cash flow problems before they arise and iden

tifies your income streams.

Our Budgeting service includes a pre-meeting teleconference to discuss your current situation, review of your previous trading results, determining new income streams, assessing the ability to reduce operating expenses and ultimately increase your net profit.

You will receive a 12 month Cashflow Budget and monthly Income targets specific to your business.

We will also check-in on your progress throughout the 12 months to review your actual results against the Budget amounts.

Business - woman typingBusiness Goals & Action Plans

What are your Goals?

It’s important to set business and personal Goals. They make us consider what is most important to us and how we’re going to achieve it. Goals keep us motivated to get out of bed every morning and get to work. It can be harder to spend your days at work, if you don’t know what you’re working towards.

This program is designed to give small business owners structured support to work on their business goals and how to achieve them. This is a 90 Day program that includes specific goal setting, personalised financial and business analysis, a dedicated Action Plan unique to your business and regular check-ins to keep you on track.

Please contact us for more information on these services.

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