Xero…..”beautiful accounting software”!? Is there really such a thing? Their website is bright and fun, their CEO seems like a cool guy, their PR is on point…..but is it for You?

I use Xero to track my business performance and as an accountant, I get access to lots of different software programs for free but I choose Xero…….and here’s 5 reasons why you should too:

1) The Bank Feeds
No more processing 3 months of bank statements on your weekend! Activating the Bank Feeds automatically imports yesterday’s bank transactions into your Xero software every morning. You can easily see who’s paid you and what payments have been made. No more trying to work out a transaction on your bank statement from 2 months ago. You can be totally up-to-date every morning. You can even get your loan and credit card transactions automatically imported every day!

2) It’s Online
You can add an Adviser such as your accountant, to be able to “see” your Xero file. So, if you think you’ve stuffed it up, call your accountant and they can log-in and fix it in real-time. SO EASY!
No more backing up data files, WinZipping it, emailing it over to your accountant, ….waiting….. hoping your accountant has the same version as you….waiting some more….finally getting it back, restoring it, blah blah blah…….NO MORE! Now it’s all done in real-time online.

3) AI
Artificial Intelligence. It doesn’t just refer to little green men anymore. Xero has incorporated it into its software. Xero will notice that you always allocate “Merlo Coffee” to account code “Staff Necessities” and will start to pre-fill the transaction to that expense code in the future. So now all you’ll need to do is press OK. So Simple….even less admin time required to balance your books!

4) Add-ons
Xero works with hundreds of add-on software programs to cut down the admin time spent on transferring data.
If you use an industry-specific software for invoices or POS, chances are it’ll integrate with Xero to bring all that information automatically into your Xero file.
If you keep timesheets, Xero integrates with T-Sheets or WorkflowMax.
If you need receipt storage, Xero integrates with ReceiptBank.
Check out their website for all their Add-On partners.

5) More Business Advice
Remember when you only heard from your accountant months after 30 June once you finally got your business paperwork to them?
With Xero, advisers can log-in anytime and check on your business. You can get real-time advice using real-time information. This is the greatest benefit to small businesses using an online software program like Xero.

We like to check in on all our online clients every 3 months. We use this to highlight any discrepancies or trends to our clients, so they can make informed business decisions…..in real-time!
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